Saturday, February 12, 2011

I just luv the colours of Saturdays!

Image grabbed from here.

Don't you just luv Saturdays?

You say yes, coz it’s weekend!

Don’t you just luv the colours of Saturdays?

You garu kepala.  You terkebil-kebil.  Saturdays got colours meh?

Yes, they are extremely colourful, I just luv their bright colours coz they are exactly the colours of my Blog!

Watch this:

Don't you now agree?  The song is also nice!

Which one is your favourite Saturdays?  Mine are the short hair one and the blonde rambut belah tengah.



  1. saturday oh busy la....hahaha

  2. @zaMir
    Saturday is the time to unbusy yourself. Hahaha...

  3. @logorithm haha...but i'm so busy la today..tomorrow, study n study...esok ada exam...=P

  4. Lucky you Logo. You've wonderful Saturdays. Unlike mine, I've so many things to do over the weekends. Have a great weekend to you Logo & your ehem3. Smile Logo!

  5. hihi.. ari sabtu dan ahad ada la masa untuk membuta.. haha.. x makan pon xpe.. asal boleh tido..

    Antara MU vs City..


  6. Lagu up by The Saturday tu mmg antara lagu peberet dla ^__^

  7. hye , blogwalking here fr0m ben ashaari's segment=)

  8. i love MONDAY!! (psiko otak/akal)
    *laoshi, please teach me more Cantonese? hihi..

  9. saturday time relax and spent time with family... suka ^___^

  10. oh. i really love saturday but i really hate monday..grrrrr~

  11. hahahah..thanks!!
    i like this official video too..but i can't share it...dia disable kan...demm..hahah
    i love the colours, the heels..aww.. i adore them..thanks!!


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