Saturday, January 29, 2011

Susan Boyle: Before & After

Susan Boyle before.  Picture taken from here.

Susan Boyle after.  Picture taken from here.

That's the magic of photoshop.

She actually CAN look like Whitney Houston if she wanna transform herself, don't you think so?

But people have already accepted her the way she is.  So, no transformation is necessary. :-)


  1. I think she's happy with herself the way she is kan?

  2. ni boleh join edit photo contest ni. nak join,sila rujuk blog ety. hahah. sgt beza kot! wowie.. :D

  3. @etykus
    I dah baca pasal contest tuh. Terpikir jugak nak join, tapi gambar Susan Boyle nih bukan hasil kerja I la Ety. I tak seterer itu. Hehe...

  4. @una berry
    I guess that's what makes her so popular -- her talent and the way she is.

  5. hahahhaha....nice...

    deqdeq mmg kagum sgt mula2 tgk video susan boyle nih...

  6. ahaha..tapi jadi diri sendiri pun dia gembira :) suara pun best

  7. ni da tahap pro punya photoshop. nak ditanding aku punya . harem ~ jadi badut terus. kah kah . takpe rupa bukan pengukur segalanya. heheh


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