Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Harga minyak naik 5 sen jer...

My favourite 'Kung Fu Hor' at the restaurant downstairs is now RM8.00 from RM7.00 just a few days ago.
Every other dish now is at least 50 sen more expensive.
When asked, the Tokeh said the prices of everything has gone up, so he can't help it.  His workers are also demanding higher pay.

So that's how 5 sen can spiral into nonsense.


  1. Lucky me Logo, I always prefer to cook at home. Once in a while would be nice to have breakfast outside. Year 2011 is the time to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Masa utk berjimat-cermat.

  2. What to do? Orang bujang memang cenggini. But I guess it's still ok for me coz now I have a better-paying job.

    What a lucky hubby you have there -- he has a wife who enjoys cooking, and that helps save a lot on food expenses!

  3. Thx Logo. He's damn lucky to have me to do the cooking. Heheh.... With children can't afford to have meals outside. Have to save money for their education.

  4. Yeah... raising children nowadays is expensive. Gotta really plan your expenses and savings for their education.

  5. Yeah that's rite Logo. No wonder some parents do part-time jobs for extra cash. I don't have time to do that at the moment. And luckily we don't live in big cities like KL where everything is money. Heheh.... Kesian you Logo.

  6. Yeah... living in big cities is like that lor... but then again if you live in secluded areas would there be job opportunities for you?

  7. Heheh.... and the pay is not good too unlike big cities like KL. Last time we used to drive a lot. Now with the oil price hike, harga barang naik - we just stay at home with the children. Otherwise you know lah, overspending overspending.... hujung bulan faham2 sajalah.


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